The Cross, The Thief, and The Broken

The most identifiable icon in our history is a broken man on a cross. This is primarily due to it being the symbol of the largest religion humankind has ever dabbled during her first hundreds of thousands of years or so. This is also due however, to what it represents, or to what some claimContinue reading “The Cross, The Thief, and The Broken”

C.S. Lewis Goes to War: Some Silver-Linings in Chaos and Unrest

Many people may not realize that their favorite childhood author was also a veteran of what is widely considered to be the most devastating war in world history. Long before Lucy discovered a mystical land that lay hidden through a magical wardrobe, and long before Aslan led his armies to battle in the Great WarsContinue reading “C.S. Lewis Goes to War: Some Silver-Linings in Chaos and Unrest”

The Little Way: Saint Therese (Part 1 of 8)

Boring people do not tend to become saints. People who live small lives, unnoticed, and quiet do not tend to either. When we think of the great saints of Church history, we tend to think about brave martyrs, beaten and burned because of the faith they refused to deny. Or we think of undeterred missionariesContinue reading “The Little Way: Saint Therese (Part 1 of 8)”

The Little Way: An Elevator to Jesus (Part 2 of 8)

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux has much to teach us. You see her high regard as a saint today has nothing to do with the impact she made on the global stage, but in the way she lived her everyday life, and the words she wrote to chronicle it. While Saint Thérèse was living her unassumingContinue reading “The Little Way: An Elevator to Jesus (Part 2 of 8)”

The Little Way: My Vocation is Love (Part 3 of 8)

Like many people who live a reserved life, Saint Thérèse was unsure of where she fit in the Body of Christ, as scripture refers to the Christian Church. Missionaries, clergy, evangelists, theologians, martyrs, Cardinals, Popes, authors, and more… Saint Thérèse saw and read of these great heroes of her faith, living as the hands andContinue reading “The Little Way: My Vocation is Love (Part 3 of 8)”