Hello. My name is Jeremiah. I enjoy writing very much and try to do so every day. Every once in a while, I write something which I think might encourage another. I use this has a hub for just that. With that being said, I am no more qualified to do so than anyone else. Like everyone, what I have to offer are simply my life experiences and my beliefs, which thankfully change from time to time as I mature and continue to learn.

As the world class artist Michelangelo is often misattributed as saying at the ripe age of 88, “I am still learning.”

All this to say, there are ideas I write down from time to time, that I occasionally leave behind. And this is a good thing. It’s ok to grow and expand, while not being too hard on the child you left behind. It simply means one is alive and thinking. 

I am just as broken as the reader. I have hopes which motivate me to get out of bed. I have controlling fears which convince me to stay home, often persuading me that I am somebody I am not.

I genuinely want to follow the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, but I fail to do so very often.

If I am confident in anything, it is that we have an endearing Creator, who loves us and desires community with us and desires that we love and share in community with others, as dis-repaired as that can be at times.

So, if the reader walks away with a little bit of encouragement or the simple realization that none of us are alone in our broken humanity, and we’re all experiencing this same, often confusing journey together, consider me delighted.

Thank you for taking a bit of time to visit.

– Jeremiah Braudrick