The Little Way: Conclusion (Part 8 of 8)

Saint Thérèse journaled, “O my Jesus! I love You! I love the Church, my Mother! I recall that “the smallest act of PURE LOVE is of more value to her than all other works together.”[1]

That is what The Little Wayis all about. It is for the introverts among us. It is for marginalized, and the oppressed. The Little Wayis for those who will never launch a movement or be seen as anything spectacular in our world, yet still desperately long to serve God. It is for the prisoner, who is locked away, unable to serve at a local church, go on a seven-day mission trip, or lead a Bible study at home with his wife. It is for the smallest among us who have nothing of value to offer the Church at large but love for the Marginalized and the Undesirables.

The Little Way claims that the smallest act of kindness can be preformed, repeated, and offered up as worship, day-in and day-out by the smallest souls among us. When we have very little to offer God, we can always offer him our brokenness and dependence, the way a toddler would her Good Parent. That’s what The Little Wayis all about, and the busiest amongst, if we take a step back, can probably find many ways to inject it into our daily, busy routine, whether we’re in prison or the free world, or elsewhere. Christ can be found everywhere, if we’re quiet enough to search for him and respond to him, no matter how unlikely the place that we find him.


[1]197, ST. Quoting St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle, stanza 29, no. 2, Collected Works, p. 587

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