To Finally Be Filled

I imagine when we finally see Jesus face to face, it will be a very fulfilling experience. I bet the second that we lock eyes, all of our little world and the joy and the pain we’ve experienced, will finally make sense.

In an instant. No words needed.

It will be like the final piece of a puzzle sliding into place revealing a beautiful picture. We’ll finally have that fulfillment that we’ve all been trying to obtain through fruitless ventures, relationship after relationship, and endless wanderings from jobs, hobbies, and experiences.

When we’re finally able to embrace Him, the drunk man will realize what he was really searching for at the bottom of the bottle and what would have ultimately fulfilled his thirst long ago.

The promiscuous girl will realize what kind of relationship she was really tying to find – and be fulfilled by – and it would have never happened, even with another hundred years of jumping from guy to guy.

The rich family will realize what they were really created to value, and understand why their money and possessions never made them feel complete.

They’ll not only feel fulfilled, but they’ll feel forgiven and restored. They’ll be worth something. In one beautiful instant.

Every soul will feel it’s worth.

Everyone of us, with our different personalities, sins of choice, and with our different means of trying to fulfill the gap that was created when man separated himself from God, will finally be made whole.

The longing we all are experiencing now, that no relationship, no money, no drink, no journey to find oneself, could have ever made go away, will be erased with one embrace of our Creator.

We will finally be able to bask in perfect union with IT. THE It. The It we’re all currently now trying to reconnect with… whether we know it or not.


C.S. Lewis used to make the point that one of the reasons he knew that there was a God, and that we were created to one day be fulfilled by that God, is the fact that there is nothing on this earth that is completely and utterly satisfying. No matter what our ventures we are always left with the sensation that there is something missing… something not quite right.

We come to the edge of beauty and want just a little bit more.

A man’s hunger testifies that he was created to be satisfied by food, although food may or may not be readily available, it suggests that food does in fact exists somewhere, and it does satisfy.

Our souls hunger for something completely satisfying. This suggests that there is something out there that does in fact satisfy completely – that will fill in all the gaps of our heart, and we will no longer know what it means to long.

I like that. I think it’s beautifully true.


On a quick side note: In the last 100 years or so in our culture, it has become increasingly popular to try and fill this longing with a romantic relationship… How many marriages and relationships would be saved if both partners knew that they weren’t created to fulfill one another? And that the best of relationships will still leave one longing?… Imagine if the weight to “satisfy my every longing” was taken out of a marriage. What would that look like?

I imagine one benefit would be that both people in the relationship would be free to just be a couple of sinfully flawed individuals, who love each other, yet make mistakes… who do not completely satisfy… who are a really good thing… but not the ultimate thing. How much more peace would be in that relationship? How much friendship? How much more fun? How much more beautiful could are relationships with each other and our relationship with God be if we knew there was only ONE source of fulfillment, and it’s not found here?



Now to get creepy spiritual for all my non-Christian friends:

I hope I’m on earth when Jesus descends in glory – when He returns to the mess we’ve inevitably created – when he waves a flag in the air, and says “enough is enough.” I would love to be a part of the massive crowd of humanity that watches Him return to claim his bride the Church. I think He’ll probably make eye contact with everyone. It will either be the most fulfilling moment in the history of history or the most dreadful.

I think when He makes eye contact with me, whether descending in glory from the clouds or on the shores of some glorious beach in Heaven, I will not recognize him as the Jesus from all the Bible stories. I won’t see the handsome white guy my Sunday School teacher used to stick on a piece on flannel graft. I don’t think I’ll see the man who turned water into wine or healed the lepers. I don’t even believe I’ll see the Jesus that hung on the cross or the One that walked out of the grave three days later.

I’m going to see the Jesus that I clung to when my life was falling apart. I’m going to see the comforter that held me when I was in tears on the other side of the planet, helpless to save my son’s family.

I’m going to see the Savior that I crawled to night after night of abusing my body with unhealthy doses of alcohol.

I’m going to be able to put a face to the recipient of my prayers… who picked me up from the cold hard floors of the county jail and told me I was still worth something… even though I convinced myself I was not.

I’m going to see the Strong Tower I emotionally ran to in desserts of Afghanistan…

When I gaze into the deep wells of love that make up my Savior’s eyes, I believe it will be the most personal experience I’ve ever had.

I won’t see a stranger. I will recognize a Friend.

A Friend whom I have loved.. and hurt… and by whom I was reassured by throughout my troublesome existence on this earth.

I imagine that all those thoughts will occur, but they will occur in an instant and I will immediately find myself face down in the dirt. The most surreal sensation of unworthiness will come upon me. I can only hope He’ll walk over to me, pull me up, embrace me, and begin to tell me how proud of me He is and how He’s longed for this moment too… At least I hope that’s what happens.

Maybe I’m way off… and that’s ok. But something tells me when we’re finally united with Jesus, with no disrupting sin putting static on the line of our relationship, worshiping Him for a million years may very well seem an appropriate and a fulfilling experience. The experience that we were created to be fulfilled by.

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  1. Gina Cannon says:

    Wow! So real! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to accept a FB friend request that would lead me to these truth infused words. I’m definitely sharing your blog with my friends and family. Such a precious and raw representation of how ONLY God’s perfect love can truly fill our hearts, save us from despair and teach us how to love others. It all seems so simple when you think about it but showing God’s love to others is so foreign to our human nature that it’s virtually impossible without the spirits guidance.


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